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American Marine is a certified Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, Volvo-Penta, Powerwinch and Load-Rite Trailer dealer and repair facility. With 40+ years of experience servicing the outboards and inboard/outboards of Long Island's boating community, we can handle just about anything that fits on a trailer. From regular maintenance to extensive repairs and everything in between, you can bet that we have seen it before and can get you back out on the water quickly, reliably and fairly.

All of our technicians are fully certified in their fields of expertise and up to date with the latest engine technology and procedures. With our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment and years of field experience, we are qualified to troubleshoot and repair today's high-tech computer driven marine equipment.

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20 Hour Service
American Marine
2161 Jericho Turnpike
Commack, NY

Service Description


Most engine manufacturers require or suggest a service between the first 10 and 20 hours of operation. This time can be the biggest factor in determining the reliability and longevity of your engine. Let the experts at American Marine look over your equipment to ensure you are getting the most life and power possible from your investment.

A 20 Hour service typically includes*:

  • Download ECU (Engine Control Unit) Data – Analyze and interpret data, clear fault codes as necessary
  • Update ECU Software
  • Replace Engine Oil
  • Replace Gear Oil
  • Inspect Primary fuel/water separator – Replace as necessary
  • Replace boat mounted 10-micron fuel filter
  • Grease all grease points
  • Battery Service – Inspect, fill & charge or replace as necessary
  • Fuel, oil and cooling water leakage – Inspect
  • Engine starting condition/abnormal noise – Inspect
  • Engine idling speed/abnormal noise – Inspect
  • Fuel lines, fuel tank to engine – Inspect
  • Fuel lines, engine – Inspect
  • Power tilt/trim – Inspect
  • Propeller, nut & cotter pin – Inspect
  • Spark Plug caps & leads – Inspect
  • Pilot Water Indicator – Inspect
  • Water Inlet – Inspect
  • Main ignition switch & stop switch – Inspect
  • Wire harness connections – Inspect
  • Gauges – Inspect

*NOTE: Services vary by engine type and manufacturer. Service intervals were developed based upon “typical” use that includes operating at varied speeds, sufficient time for the engine warm up and cool down, medium to light loads and average cruising speed near 3000 ~ 4000 rpm range. As with any engine, if the customer's normal operating conditions are different, more frequent service should be considered, especially engine oil and gear oil. Examples might include: extended Wide Open Throttle use or long periods of idling or trolling, carrying heavy loads and frequent starting and stopping or shifting. Changing fuel formulations could require more frequent fuel filter changes and fuel system maintenance.