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American Marine is a certified Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, Volvo-Penta, Powerwinch and Load-Rite Trailer dealer and repair facility. With 40+ years of experience servicing the outboards and inboard/outboards of Long Island's boating community, we can handle just about anything that fits on a trailer. From regular maintenance to extensive repairs and everything in between, you can bet that we have seen it before and can get you back out on the water quickly, reliably and fairly.

All of our technicians are fully certified in their fields of expertise and up to date with the latest engine technology and procedures. With our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment and years of field experience, we are qualified to troubleshoot and repair today's high-tech computer driven marine equipment.

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Battery Replacement
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Boat batteries are often overlooked by anglers, but that should never be the case; they’re the lifeblood of any fishing boat. If your budget is tight and you’re looking to cut costs, batteries are not the place to start.

That is why American Marine uses INTERSTATE BATTERIES in all new and replacement battery installations. When it comes to reputation and reliability they are second to none. If there's any question about your battery's performance we will load test it for you.

Common Question: Name brand vs "bargain" brand

Buying a battery takes a healthy amount of research. Understanding the nomenclature is great, but buying a reputable brand with a solid warranty is also important. It may cost a bit more, but in the long haul you’ll be rewarded with many benefits. A good set of high-quality batteries is certainly an excellent starting point, but maintaining them is equally important. Nothing is worse than having a battery failure. It can absolutely ruin an otherwise great day of fishing.

Battery Basics: CCA vs MCA

CCA = Cold Cranking Amps - the number of amps a new fully charged battery will deliver in 30 seconds at 0°F.

MCA = Marine Cranking Amps - the number of amps a new fully charged battery will deliver in 30 seconds at 32°F.

  • MCA and CCA are criteria that explain the same thing, but at different temperatures. A good rule-of-thumb is get as large a CCA/MCA rating size as you can find.
  • Look for batteries with higher CCA and MCA whenever possible.
  • CCA’s measure current flow when starting an engine. The higher the number, the more amps it will deliver to crank the engine.
  • MCA rating is much more important for trolling motors and that number will normally be higher than CCA ratings by one-third.

Battery Lifespan and Maintenance

Generally, most batteries with heavy use will last approximately three years. It is good practice to maintain a log of each battery purchase date and age.

Always make sure your batteries are fully charged after each use. All battery cable connections must be clean, tight and use hex nuts and lock washers (not old- fashioned wing nuts). Loose connections can cause frustrating intermittent issues or a full-time “no run” condition. A dirty or corroded connection can impede electricity’s ability to travel, and a battery terminal connection may be corroded, yet appear clean. To avoid any doubt, always remove the terminal connection and clean both sides of the connecting materials down to bare, shiny metal, then re-install and tighten the connection properly.

Caution: Make sure that there are no fuel fumes present when making, breaking, or checking battery connections and condition. Give the area the “sniff test” to check for fumes. If in an enclosed area, run the blower or thoroughly air out the space, or take the battery outside to test it. Please plan and protect accordingly.

Be prepared to spend some hard-earned dollars when replacing your marine batteries so be looking for discounts beginning in the third year. You will get some money—otherwise known as a core charge—for a trade-in when buying new batteries at reputable stores.